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Piovan UK Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Silver Member

President's message

During our long history of growth and challenges, values and individual skills have become the Piovan corporate culture. However, one key factor has always stayed the same as a guideline for our way of doing business: maximum commitment to innovation for the success of our clients.

Today, Piovan is the world leader in supplying ancillary equipment and services to the plastics industry. The achievement of this extraordinary result is a great source of pride and encourages us to maintain our excellent position on the global market.

Piovan, currently with 998 collaborators, 7 production plants and 26 companies worldwide, has an unrivalled international presence which means closeness to the customers is no empty promise.

Over fifty years of experience in the plastics industry has allowed the company to acquire an extensive cross-knowledge of the polymers processing and we want to share this heritage with our customers. We want to be seen as a trusted partner to clients in meeting their challenges, rather than just a mere supplier of auxiliary equipment. The aim is to work together to achieve the best possible results.

The intensification of international competition and the globalization of markets have spurred Piovan to try to continuously improve its organizational structure, knowing that only through ongoing improvements in process efficiency and product quality we will continue to deliver value to customers and keep our position as a global leader in our field.

By pursuing our development goals with determination, we remain faithful to the principles which have inspired Piovan for three generations, recognizing the primary role of our employees and leading the business with honesty, integrity and transparency.


Services Piovan UK Ltd Provide

Our Services

Maintenance Contracts

All the stages of product development and all the elements that lead to completion of the design of a Piovan machine have a fundamental factor in common: the production of equipment that needs minimum maintenance, in terms of both frequency and costs

Equipment Overhauling

Prompt call out time at the customer's site, and the ability to perform overhauls in a short time and with efficient methods, contribute to increase the operating reliability of Piovan machines all over the world.

Spare Parts

The service of spare parts supply is rapid, efficient, prompt and complete, thus ensuring the long life of the equipment and maintaining peak performance.


All engineering and design services provided by Piovan focus on the needs of the customer and the required system functions.


Piovan, as a global Service Partner, can offer services of planning, turn-key installation, start-up and management of the activities of system supply anywhere in the world.

Energy Audits

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are amongst those vital elements contributing to the performance of any business.

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  • £6,000,000

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